Bear facial 7 - chubby ex-lineman

DescriptionThis guy replied to my CL ad, said he was an ex-linebacker in ***** school, so we hooked up in my garage. Really cute guy with a nice thick cock and sexy body, really into getting his nipples played with (I suck on one very briefly in the video). Sucked him for a decent amount of time before he came, as the length of this video can attest to. He was moaning in pleasure the whole time, which was hot as fuck. Also ate his nice big ass a bit (first time didn't come out too well on camera, but the second time there's some good close ups). The actual cumshot kind of ended up happening slightly off camera, sloppy blowjobs lead to sloppy camerawork (should have just let him hold it the whole time, but I like varied angles in my videos). Tried messing around with natural light, since it usually looks better, but my garage windows are covered a bit for privacy's sake and the weather kept switching from sunny to overcast, so there's some flash and a lot of contrast in the lighting, so sorry about the dark sections. Enjoy, we sure did.
Uploaded 2016-12-16 by souldischarge
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Another great one. I love watching your stuff.
Love the garage scene and LOVE watching u munch on ass. Eat mine!
i jizzed thanks
Love both of you in this video !
Hot he needs to cum back

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