jar cum

Descriptioncumming in a jar of water with a second orgasm
Uploaded 2016-12-15 by littledk1
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Oh Fuck YEAHH!!! HOTT, But What a WASTE!!!! "Stumpy" and I SWALLOW!!! Piss and Cum!!! Thanks for the kind comment
Thanks for the kind comment and as much as I'd like to say yes to piss being in the jar it was just water that I had been ***** and when I felt the need to cum it was just a handy place to put it. When I was younger my cum used to shoot 2 or 3 feet from the end of my dick but as I've gotten older it just sort of rolls out but the feeling is as good as ever. Since I edge daily but only cum 2 or 3 times a week I always get multiple orgasms and the rim of the jar rubbing on my frenulum gave me several nice ones.
What's in the jar? Piss? If so, please show the pissing too. I don't know how you can control your cum so well. When I cum, my dick is totally out of control. Sperm shoots out ***** in the air, and rains down on everything - I couldn't get much in a jar.
Beautifully coaxed out!

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